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kudos for Uberstudent at Distrowatch
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Author:  anna k [ Wed Feb 05, 2014 9:41 pm ]
Post subject:  kudos for Uberstudent at Distrowatch

This was a post by "Himagain" (Jack Rigby) on Distrowatch today.
Certainly worth everyone reading it.
My Provenance: In 1984(?) I wrote what I believe was the first User-Friendly "menu" for the Osborne PC. I needed it. Adam Osborne said it really boosted sales.
Working with computers to that time was all about the "insider experience".
I was never, ever geekly. I was a good aetiologist as a psychologist.

For decades I tried to escape the Windows trap unsuccessfully as from the earliest days I tried every Linux iteration that appeared. None had any hope/promise for real END-USERS. The Luddites attacked me every time I pleaded for a GUI - just as they do to this very day!

But, the biggest obstacle is familiarity - AND the pain of having learned to use Windows and facing the same horrors all over again, to switch to LInux.
Today, the evolution of Linux Distros toward different classes of ENDUSER has been literally astounding. The choices amazing .... but confusing, as most still seek to be all things to all people.

Recently - only at the insistence of a friend - I tried UBERSTUDENT.
It is aimed squarely at the higher school student and is impeccable at that.
It is an amazing effort for a one-man band! Mr Stephen Ewen.
HOWEVER, it is also the best of the dozens and dozens of Distros I've tried over the years, none of which were safe to commend to non-hackers and myself.

I have suggested that UBERSTUDENT as a name will frighten many people away as it did me when I first heard of it. Stephen should put another cover version out there called something like "AtLast! - Linux for the Over 25's"

I keep recommending it to people who all shy away because - as everyone knows - anything to do with schools and higher education is always too hard.
It just works intelligently out of the box for "The Rest Of Us".

Please help him.
---------------------------- End

Author:  Jc_IE [ Sat Dec 26, 2015 9:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: kudos for Uberstudent at Distrowatch

I understand what the reviewer means regarding the distro title. However, the subtitle "Linux for Learners" and its target niche is very catchy and what caught my eye.

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