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space saving deduplicating file systems anyone?
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Author:  DontTazeMe [ Wed Jan 21, 2015 9:08 am ]
Post subject:  space saving deduplicating file systems anyone?

I'm playing with deduplicating filesystems. These are filesystems that sort of link duplicate blocks so if you have multiple files that are the same or similar, isos of linux, virtual machines, etc it eliminates all that duplicate data. space savings are 25 to 95 percent without compression.

Right now I'm using a virtual machine storage appliance that is supposed to provide an nfs share.

This is the newest version but the version of vbox I'm using on uber has a problem with it. I'm using an older version but there is no link on the web. If anyone wants the older version setup an ftp server and I'll upload it for you.

http://www.opendedup.org/downloads/dati ... e_v3.0.ova

Anyway I have the older version running and setup storage on it. I installed nfs_common on uber, but when I try to mount the nfs volume the terminal hangs. I have not done any nfs on linux before. I think I have the correct remote folder in my mount command because if I change it then it gives me an error message instead of hanging. If anyone else wants to play along let me know. I can pass my ph number to you in a private message or we can use the chatroom.

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