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PostPosted: Wed Dec 17, 2014 9:16 am 
New UberStudent User

Joined: Wed Dec 17, 2014 8:23 am
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So i have been using Uberstudent for about two months now . I reallly like it.
There is a good and many pre-installed packages with it. I have tried to go through each one, though it may take me a long time to master them.
So my thing is 'Amping up' the accessibility modules. So i installed Simon: A speech control; program and Xnee: a macro recording program.

in regards to Simon (ksimond, simond, sam .etc) voice control , open-source, running on uberstu xfce system.

This i will use to dictate notation and navigate 5x faster though the menus.
I decided to install this upon a notion that my pc should perform a bit more like my smart phone. Which is accessibility. Thus i thought, voice control makes my hand sized phone MUCH more accessible. Olso they oll have it, so this may be easier done than not.

webcam motions would be nice. I think i saw thot in Ubuntu Software Center...

I just began to use this Simon , and all seems to be coming along accordingly. I've watched Peter Grasch videos. Installed sphinx and Julius. And gone over the documentation a bit.
All settings appear good , yet no voice control working. YET this is a highly highly configurable program, so there is liability to numberless reasons. Soi suppose im looking for someone else who uses Simon,ksimond, e.tc

I'M ON THE INDIVIDUALS SOFTWARE FORUMS TOO! though i think Uberstudent forum will succeed.

In regards to using Xnee, Cnee, Gnee, (olso xmacros, dogtail)
I quite possiblity completly new to this concept. Which could be reason alone for these not working 'right-out-of-the-box' Olso i am shaky with operating complex programs solely within the terminal.

So mainly i wanted a way to enter information into all of Uberstudents smorgasbord of applications with a smarter approach, and i guessed at a macro script. What i would like it to do is : open maybe five pre-selected programs ; enter thee clipboard text into thee appropriate space and Save each document and close. " And from that point maybe more larger and more intricate executions.

I have had no success at all, with this. So i may need an Pro.

I would like to see this done before my smartphone is sold with that function built-in.
i know a little macro like what Libreoffice-writer has , but not a system macro.script

So i needs a arsenal of ideas of how to fix this. Prehaps even beyond my own imagination

thanks-a-lot .

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