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Mirror download speed from mirrors
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Author:  Stephen Ewen [ Thu Nov 29, 2012 4:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mirror download speed from mirrors

There is no default mirror. The SourceForge system picks one for you from a list. Here's a trick:

When you click on the download link at SourceForge, quickly click on the "try another mirror" link and cancel the mirror location download the system chooses for you. Then select the mirror for Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. It has worked very, very fast for others.

Also, it is the end of a month right now. Most ISPs cap your bandwidth usage per month, whether they make that particularly clear or not. Mine, with Charter, is currently throttled, even though I pay for 100MB speed. Hey, it's been a busy month for me. :lol:

Generally, you should be using some sort of download manager that supports resume and makes sure to get all bits when you download large files, like the UberStudent ISO file. The Firefox extension DownThemAll is free, cross-platform, a cinch to get and use, and works well. Once in UberStudent you can use uGet for future large file downloads. ;)

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