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Unetbootin install to USB
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Author:  Guest [ Fri Jan 25, 2013 4:30 am ]
Post subject:  Unetbootin install to USB

So this was my first shot with unetbootin. I took the iso file and stuck it on my flashdrive. Then rebooted into my flashdrive. I let it go to default it then said files were corrupted. P.S. i am experienced in installing os's on DVD/CD but ran out of then so using flashdrive

Author:  Stephen Ewen [ Fri Jan 25, 2013 7:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unetbootin install to USB

I routinely use unetbootin to test and install UberStudent editions. It works well. I'm personally a big fan of the application. :)

It sounds like the UberStudent ISO file you downloaded may be incomplete, or became corrupt. That occasionally happens while downloading it, for a variety of reasons. ISO file corruption is less of a possibility with the Lightweight Edition, because the ISO file is smaller and fewer things can go wrong. Getting a pre-made disk avoids the possibility of ISO file corruption altogether, if you wish to take that step.

So as a first step, please follow the steps to Verify an ISO File for the installation ISO you downloaded, and please post back the result. Let's rule that issue out or in.

Also, since there are numerous UberStudent editions, please let me know the exact name of the ISO file you are attempting to place in to a USB drive via unetbootin.

Author:  Guest [ Wed Jan 30, 2013 4:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unetbootin install to USB

Sorry my initial post was vague. i have Uberstudent mate desktop 2.0.4. I downloaded it using Free Download Manager. I used Unetbootin but when i booted it would just go to a DOS-like environment. Also i have just retried using Lunix USB Creator. I will try that and i will try checking the ISO file. BTW thx for fast reply

Author:  Guest [ Fri Feb 01, 2013 6:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unetbootin install to USB

K so Linux Live USB creator didn't work it says im missing a file after i hit start live disc. I checked my download and it says its corrupted( Then i download this time. Checked the file and it says its corrupted. BTW i used Winmd5 to check it. Should i go ahead and try it again?

Author:  Stephen Ewen [ Fri Feb 01, 2013 7:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unetbootin install to USB

No, if the md5sum does not check correctly, the file is corrupt/incomplete and is fit only for the delete button.

With some Internet Service Providers, it's difficult to download any large file.

I'd recommend you buy a pre-made disk, or wait for the next version of UberStudent, targeted for an April 2013 release. It will be considerably smaller.

Author:  Guest [ Fri Feb 01, 2013 4:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unetbootin install to USB

ok thank you i think i will wait for the next release and buy that

Author:  Guest [ Wed Feb 06, 2013 4:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unetbootin install to USB

I have used my parents computer to make a disc. So i will post other updates for here on that. For it might just be chrome or my internet connection.

Author:  stevenweiss [ Tue Mar 05, 2013 6:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unetbootin install to USB

I wonder how big the flash drive was. Not all 4gb drives can handle the mate or xfce iso. The amount of free space, even on a formatted clean 4gb flash-drive varies.

Author:  Stephen Ewen [ Wed Mar 06, 2013 8:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unetbootin install to USB

A lot of (most?) 4 gig flash drives have hidden files on them that run a windows program made by the flashdrive maker; thus, they don't hold a full 4 gigs, unless you first reformat them.

Author:  AndrewGomez [ Thu May 23, 2013 4:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unetbootin install to USB

I was the user known as SuperDrewEX and I Solved the problem. Turns out my router caused the problem cause it used to have a cap on the amount of devices connected and how much internet was let out. I found out an important file was not let out during the install to my computer causing dual boot and full Uberstudent install to do its job. I used Unetbootin again on Plato to install on my USB stick. I had to go to live mode to get the dual boot option. Even then I had to open the installer 3 times before i could hit continue after clicking Uberstudent alongside other os.......(etc). As of now my install is happening.
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