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Google Chrome in UberStudent
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Author:  Stephen Ewen [ Mon Sep 29, 2014 9:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Google Chrome in UberStudent

If you'd like to use Google Chrome, there's now a package in the UberStudent repository, google-chrome-meta-uberstudent. It installs Google Chrome with enhanced privacy-protections, a nice set of default apps, and Zotero Connector, all perfectly configured.

You'll first need to run the Update Manager and get the update for uberstudentsources, which will add the Google Chrome repository to your default set of apt configurations. Then, install google-chrome-meta-uberstudent through your method of choice, such as via the Synaptic Package Manager or a terminal.

The full benefits of the package result if you are installing Goolge Chrome on your system for the first time, i.e., if you do not already have a Google Chrome user profile in your home directory (located at (/home/yourusername/.config/google-chrome/). If you want, you can just delete that profile before installing google-chrome-meta-uberstudent.

In the next release of UberStudent, this privacy-enhanced Google Chrome will probably replace Chromium. Ubuntu builds of Chromium have become bloated and inconsistent, not at all only because of Ubuntu developers but because of Chromium itself. In multiple ways, Google Chrome runs more stably than Chromium--that's the bottom line. However, I may also see if I can build Chromium myself, but it would be a pretty big undertaking, not only initially but in keeping it updated.

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