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Real Names on Forums Preferred. Here's Six Reasons Why
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Author:  Stephen Ewen [ Wed Nov 28, 2012 10:12 am ]
Post subject:  Real Names on Forums Preferred. Here's Six Reasons Why

1. It's more professional and you'll be more careful to post professionally, which builds a better community for all.

2. No one is going to hold your participation at UberStudent against you. In fact, it can importantly help you BrandYourself with a positive web presence. Posts here are indexed by search engines.

3. Real names carry authority. Posts by a person using his or her real name immediately carry greater authority, because such contibutions are based on transparency and self-accountability. People using pseudonmys on an Internet Forum must spend considerable time building a reputation and web of trust to gain authority, yet they still remain suspect to especially newcombers.

4. Internet privacy is largely an illusion anyway. Sure, you can take measures to improve this, but the pervasiveness of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the like, have made privacy increasingly thin. Someone of importance will inevitably Google your name. You can arbitrate what they find by here planting positive search engine seeds about yourself.

5. This site is a constant target of spammers and I must frequently delete spam accounts, even with rigorous anti-spam measures in place. If your username is your name in the form First Last or First MI Last or something similar, which spammers don't normally do, it's much less likely I will make a mistake and delete your account. If I have mistakenly deleted your account, please accept my apologies and please do make another.

6. If you have wise reasons to use a pseudonym, please do. You know your own situation best! Positive pseudonymous contributions are assumed with good faith. Don't sit on the sidelines. Make an account. Get involved! :)

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