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Author:  Stephen Ewen [ Tue Nov 27, 2012 7:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Forum Rules - Please Read

1. Be professional: Exhibit professionalism. This is the first and blanket rule at UberStudent. It should cover nearly everything.

2. Search the forums before posting your issue. It may have already been answered.

3. If you find a bug, kindly do not bad mouth. Bugs happen with every piece of software and Linux distribution. Do please post the issue. Bugs are usually fixed here really, really quickly, if a fix does not already exist (see Rule #2). When reporting a bug, it will speed things along if you include

    a. Your version/edition of UberStudent (the name of the ISO file you installed is all you need)
    b. A description of what you did and what happened, so a developer can try to reproduce the error.

4. UberStudent is apolitical. The goals here are increased learning outcomes, the acheivement of computer fluency, and broader adoption of open source software among all. Politics is a subject befitting other venues. When delimited to software development and distribution, politics may be discussed in keeping with Rule #1.

5. Real names on the forums are preferred. See the reasons why. Pseudonyms are allowed. Users know their own situation best and make their own decision on the matter from their own wisdom.

6. These rules may be added to, clarified, or amended from time to time, as befitting good governance of an online community.

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