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UberStudent 3.0 Release Announcement
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Author:  Stephen Ewen [ Mon Jun 10, 2013 8:07 am ]
Post subject:  UberStudent 3.0 Release Announcement

I'm pleased to announce the release of UberStudent 3.0 Plato!

About UberStudent
UberStudent is a Linux distribution for learning, doing, and teaching academic success at the higher education and advanced secondary levels. Much more than just an operating system, UberStudent aims to be a complete, ready-to-go, and "out-of-the-box" Learning Platform for education that facilitates not only immediate user-friendly productivity but cross-platform computer fluency among its users. Researchers, other knowledge workers, lifelong learners, and anyone who just wants a highly-polished computing platform will equally benefit from UberStudent.

  • Ubuntu 13.04 base
  • Linux 3.8 Kernel
  • Xfce 4.10
  • Dedicated UberStudent repository (http://uberstudent.net)
  • 32-bit and 64-bit versions

Changes from Prior Versions
Version 3.0 is a major leap forward for UberStudent. It is in many ways a dividing line between itself and prior editions in terms of both stability and features. The singular most important reason for this is the UberStudent repository. It represents months and months of work. Updates and any needed fixes will be quick and seamless. You can browse the whole repository, but the better way to get an idea of what they contain is to just install UberStudent and experience it. You're sure to agree that version 3.0 is among the most polished and stable Linux desktops anywhere, period. You can read the Release Notes for the full detail of changes. :D

Get it Here

UberStudent is only possible because of your donations! You can do that here.

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