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Forum Spam and "Hey, Where'd My Account Go?"
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Author:  Stephen Ewen [ Mon Jan 21, 2013 8:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Forum Spam and "Hey, Where'd My Account Go?"

I've finally had time to put in some very rigorous and multi-layered anti-spam measures at each entry point of the UberStudent website.

The task was made a bit more complicated than normal due to the phpBB bridge extension that is placed between the forums and the Drupal sides of the site. Although I all along had some measures in places at the forums, spammers were making accounts in Drupal and then posting here. No more, or nearly no more.

[Update: now four days after implementing the new measures, there has not been even one spam account. if you run a forum, email me and I'll share what I did.]

If you've ever wanted to see a SpamBot in action, have a look at this video. Be prepared to lift your jaw off the floor. :o That video is five years old, so things have since gotten even more sophisticated and...insidious.

Last night, I had to prune literally thousands of SpamBot accounts. Unfortunately, it is inevitable that some real accounts got deleted, possibly yours. :(

If so, please accept my apologies, and please do make another account. If you'll follow these guidelines when making your username, it's very unlikely to ever happen again. I've yet to see a SpamBot account with a space in the username.

Here's hoping I can finally set this thing down: :D


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