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Author:  Stephen Ewen [ Wed Mar 19, 2014 4:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce Yourself Here!

Hi Andy, and welcome!

Author:  Ed Backell [ Fri Mar 21, 2014 6:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce Yourself Here!

Hello, all.

My name is Ed Backell, and I'm a fairly long-time Linux user since 2000. My wife and daughters all use Linux; I'm getting ready to send my oldest off to college, and installed UberStudent so that she'd have some good tools to use.

Everything looks okay so far, although it seems like the distro is in a bit of a dormant phase - I haven't seen much activity on the forums, and most of the packages on the repository are dated summer of 2013.

Really hoping that this distro will be working well for a while!


Author:  Stephen Ewen [ Fri Mar 21, 2014 11:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce Yourself Here!

UberStudent 3.0, the latest release, is at end-of-life, so a tapering off at that phase is only normal. The next UberStudent Long Term Stable release is getting polished on as I type.... :-)

Author:  Amarashiki [ Sun Mar 23, 2014 1:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce Yourself Here!

I am Juan F. González Hernández, a.k.a. Amarashiki in the www. Author of the blog www.thespectrumofriemannium.com
I am very pleased to engage fully to this wonderful distro. I wish the new upcoming Uberstudent 4.0 distro will be as amazing, solid, stable and wonderful as Ub.3.0. Plato.
I will be starting my Ph. D this year and as a learner myself, even when I have tested other distros, I feel this one IS the one I love the most. I was worried when the uberstudent page was fallen off some time ago, but I am eager to see what Ub.4.0 will look like (perhaps some options to include an E version, E18-E19 whatever, in the near future?).
I became 36 years old the day I read here (in private/hidden mode) that Uberstudent 4.0 was coming. I am happy to hear it.

Just waiting for the next Uberstudent era!


PS: I am just very, very busy with my job and a health issue, but it is likely I will be testing the new Uberstudent distro ASAP after it is launched.

Author:  Damion Lunin [ Mon Mar 24, 2014 8:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce Yourself Here!

Amarashiki wrote:
I was worried when the uberstudent page was fallen off some time ago

That was a hazard of the free donated webhosting: whoever at the webhost company was doing auditing of hosting accounts was apparently less than cautious with which accounts they were deleting. As you can currently see, we eventually tracked down a backup.

Author:  James Hibben [ Fri Apr 11, 2014 3:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce Yourself Here!

(Possibly) Happy Monday, everyone!

I'm a Computer Science student (currently Sophomore) attending Missouri State University. I got my first taste of programming with Visual Basic 6 my sophomore year of high school back in 2003, but didn't do much with it for about 5 years after that. I finally got back into programming in 2009, and decided to start attending MSU to get actual training in it, as I would love to turn this into my career. Thankfully, I have full support from my wonderful girlfriend of 5 years, with whom I have a 7-month-old son.

Though I learned on VB, I taught myself C++ starting in 2010; it has since become my language of choice and is still a language that I continue to teach myself as none of my courses yet have actually taught it (at least, not to the same extent I have taught myself). I also know several other programming languages, and intend on learning many more in the years to come.

Admittedly, my first experience with and Linux distros was back in 2010 on Ubuntu LTS 10.04. I loved it, but still hate their decision to switch to Unity for their primary environment, as I think any UI should be as easily navigable via mouse as it is keyboard. I originally installed it on a partitioned external drive, and later as 12.04 on a secondary drive in my laptop to turn it into a dual-boot system between Windows Vista and Ubuntu. After thinking I broke my installation last year (and a good year or so after switching the secondary drive to my new laptop, which runs Windows 7), I worked exclusively on Windows until recently, when I decided to see about fixing my Ubuntu install and look into additional distros. (As a side note, I despise Microsoft's decision to push out a touchscreen-based OS for all Windows devices at a time when the majority of laptops and monitors were NOT touchscreen.)

After trying to install Bodhi with no success (the NetBootin installer would just hang), I decided to install Uberstudent as my third OS- and I'm glad I did. Out of the box, it has more programs that I now use on a regular basis than either of my other systems, even a month after first booting them and downloading a number of programs- and I love how simple it is to pull up the terminal and run a few quick commands. I have already adopted UberStudent as my primary OS; in fact, were it not for the fact that my GPU apparently cannot be properly run on anything but Windows (and some of my courses require the use of Visual Studio, much to my extreme annoyance), I would likely have already overwritten my Windows install without looking back (especially since Linux is far easier to write and compile code in, IMO).

In long, thank you for creating such a great distro, Stephen! At this point, I'm enjoying it so much that I only transfer to Windows when necessary, and will be keeping UberStudent as my primary system for the foreseeable future.

Author:  Kenward Vaughan [ Tue Jun 10, 2014 1:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce Yourself Here!


I'm a chemistry professor at a community college in California, and have been using Linux since roughly 1995. As more or less a die-hard Debian user, I was self-taught during the period when Debian was closer to Slackware than what it is today (apt didn't exist, and mc was my best friend for editing files and getting around). Things have changed a bit since those days, with my falling further away from that intimate level, but I haven't any issues with working out problems as I'm able.

I've been through a lot of education, ultimately earning my doctorate in organic chemistry in the very early '80s. I worked in industry for about 10 years, then made the deliberate choice to go into education. Found my niche at this level, and have been irritating students for over 20 years now. :D

My interest in UberStudent stems from various points, the primary ones being my own background in Linux, my written work being dominated by LyX/LaTeX, and a lot of work using research tools many of which are developed and work best in the *nix environment.

I am seriously interested in introducing my students to this environment since it is used at many schools in the sciences.

So... when I ran across UberStudent I decided I had to try it during the summer, giving me a chance to pick up some of its functionality prior to the fall semester.



Author:  Diaz S [ Thu Jul 31, 2014 11:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce Yourself Here!

Hello all, my name is Steve, I am 31. I'm from upstate new york. I'm an undergraduate student at my local community college will be my first semester this September, I am going computer science. I'm always teaching myself new things with computers. I'm semi new to Linux, I've worked with Kali Linux mainly now I am trying to get a more better understanding of Linux. I also study from a program that is offered by work force solutions in my local community called metrix. I am working on getting my certifications with Linux +, networking +, and Cyber SEC +. I am married with four kids and try to juggle my personal interests on the computer and with handling my family. I only know the basic syntax of computer language, mainly worked with python and some ruby. There is definitely a lot to learn. This seems like a great place to start understanding Linux a whole lot better. I look forward to meeting and talking with this community about anything if anyone is interested in communicating please feel free to contact me. share your insights and recommendations. I work a lot with Oracle VM VirtualBox. I'm pretty good at finding anything I need on the internet. So well glad to join this community and hope to get to understand uberStudent a lot better plus a better understanding of Linux.

Author:  Damion Lunin [ Fri Aug 01, 2014 5:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Course Requirements

James Hibben wrote:
...some of my courses require the use of Visual Studio, much to my extreme annoyance

I have taken computer science courses which "required" Visual Studio, ignored that requirement and used Geany within UberStudent anyway, and the professors had no complaints against my homework submissions. Microsoft crams additional headers into their C++ iostream.h file beyond the standard headers, so sometimes I had to uncover the missing libraries and add more #include statements than the other students. Also, if your professor is only familiar with Microsoft's debugger and you encounter a bug in your code, you will be "swimming without a lifeguard" so to speak; I enjoyed the extra challenge.

Author:  Stephen Ewen [ Fri Aug 01, 2014 8:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Introduce Yourself Here!

Just a note to say that I read every introductory post here and enjoy each one a great deal, even if I do not reply. :geek:

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