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Diffusion and contributions
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Author:  Guest [ Sat Jul 20, 2013 8:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Diffusion and contributions

Can I suggest a thread about contributions (articles, slides, ...) by distro users like me and other users?I mean, a thread when we can discuss and organize us with additional materials.
I am planning to give a talk about this distribution in some colleges (and of course, when I give private classes I recommend its use) in the near future, or maybe at private centres where I can work (that if I don't move abroad previously).

Have you thought in promoting some science blogs in order to enlarge your "donate button" market? I think it could be a good strategy! Think about this: even when your potential market is educational, science market should also be a principal target. I am sure you are well aware of it. I am sure that not only me, many other bloggers could talk about your distribution and its goodness! I have always thought that the future of Linux distros, beyone the generalistic user, are specialized distributions like this one. I am a scientist and a teacher, so I have no knowledge of many distributions with such a good "design" and "orientation".

By the other hand, I am working in my the domain of my blog http://thespectrumofriemannium.wordpress.com I bought the domain time ago (http://thespectrumofriemannium.com), and since it seems I have managed to stabilize the visitors/month >1000,so I will be launching the domain soon...I am thinking that I could promote your site as well. It could be a good idea to highlight remarkable people (bloggers, websites,...too) as promoters. We would benefit ourseselves mutually!

In summary, I would be glad if I could help you to develop this software more. And here not only time, money also matters to boost this project. And it means you need an increase of your potential donors. I am thinking I could make some post in my blog about my favourite Linux distributions (currently, by this order Uberstudent and BodhiLinux). I could also offer you to announce your site (in addition to provide on a link to this site) and to add some direct donate button to help you. That's all what I can do for you at the moment...

What do you say?

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