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UberStudent is an operating system and suite of programs for everyone, especially higher education and secondary students, those who teach them, and their schools. Based on Linux technologies, UberStudent is a complete, ready-to-go, and "out-of-the-box" platform that is ideal for every computer user, not just newcomers to Linux. Learning UberStudent means learning the tasks and habits common to all high-performing students, while also enjoying immediate user-friendly productivity and learning cross-platform computer fluency for life.

UberStudent is developed by Stephen Ewen, an educator who specializes in academic success strategies, post-secondary literacy instruction, and educational technology. He began UberStudent as a way to place a set of smart and dedicated computing tools, and just the right amount of support, into the hands of students, as well as everyone. UberStudent is, in part, inspired by his own experiences achieving top academic performance with the assistance of educational technology.

UberStudent is designed around a "core academic skills" approach to student success—the research and writing, reading, studying, and self-management skills that are essential to all students regardless of their academic major, as well as secondary students who are preparing for college. UberStudent can be easily extended for specific academic disciplines, especially STEM areas, using its on-board tools for discovering and installing software.

As the user's Linux for everyone, UberStudent is also decked out for graphics, multimedia, messaging, and even games for not only learning but needed down time, all with the needs of especially students in mind.

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